Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Fun List!

Hi stampers!

Today isn't really about stamping...although it COULD be!! Afterall, what is more Fun than stamping?!?! hehe! Before Summer started, my lovely family of 3 sat down and made our "Summer Fun List 2011!" But, since I am such a bad blogger, I never posted it!! Today, one of my favorite bloggers, PWCMoms, (Prince William Co is where I live and she always has tons of fun events that are going on in town to do with your family!!) posted her Summer list and it reminded me to post mine....opps!!! We have only crossed off 2 things on our list so far...(the beach and Clemyjontri Park, which FYI, it the BEST PLAYGROUND EVER!!!!)It looks like we need to get busy!! Don't get me wrong; we have been VERY busy with fun things this summer, the pool, outdoor movies, playdates, etc...but we need to start checking some of those "big ticket items" off the list!! We are going to a baseball game this get the pen out...;o) My daughter is thrilled about our list hanging on the fridge and is always suggesting MORE things to put on it!! haha! I finally had to tell her that we have to check all these off before we add more to our list! My favorite part of this list is the picture of our family that Elle drew! She even put Marley (our dog) and her fish in it!! How cute!

***Sorry about the POOR PHOTO QUALITY!!!! I am using my phone camera...***
Do you have a Summer Fun List?? What is on it??? I would love to hear what you have been up to this summer!

Thanks for looking!

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